Presentation for ACMC 2012

A quick look at the interfaces available for manipulating immersive audio. What makes an interface effective and my attempt to use MAX/MSP, Vive and a self-made Ambisonic dome to make my own.

Ambisonic Dome Project – Extra Information, 2021

Some extra information for my prepared talk at ACMC2021 on 26th August. This 6 minute mini-talk has some information on building the dome, costing and the software/hardware used.

A quick introduction to the Ambisonic Wand, 2019

The Ambisonic Wand uses two 50cm touch controllers, a 6DOF IMU and a keypad to control both directional sound mixing and a granulator synthesiser. It is controlled by an Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense that communicates to a MAX/MSP patch over bluetooth.

Genki Control Ring

A simple test setup linking the Ambisonic Dome, DMX lights (controlled by MAX/MSP), Cherry’s Voltage Modular synthesiser and the Genki control ring.