About me

My name is Cloud.

I’ve been a sound engineer and musician for over 30 years with experience in installations, studio recording, front-of-house work, film sound, and theatre support, working as a tertiary teacher to adult students in these fields. I’ve played in not a few bands over those years on guitar, drums and keyboards.

Anything from hand wired replicas of 1960’s valve amplifiers to extended electronic instruments might come out of my workshop. I design with silicon casting, 3D printing, CNC milling and wooden casework married with vacuum tubes, touch screens and bespoke wireless controllers.

I am a programmer and a keen advocate of open-source software, especially for audio solutions.

I am currently studying at the University of Melbourne with a focus on the use of virtual reality tools and the Ambisonic dome for interactive composition.

Some current and past projects:

Bilinear uniform chromatic keyboard fabrication
DIY 3D printed Ambisonic dome
P-Bow, the profane sampling violin
40″ microtonal touchscreen variants
Handwired valve amplifiers, woodwork and Tolex
Effect pedals